Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We are about to enter the Point of no return. On November 8th we will experience the Full Blood Moon Eclipse and then on November 11th we experience the ASCENSION Portal.

The Angels are showing me that This is a major opportunity to advance into a higher state of Consciousness. We must remember that This is Humanities Organic evolution into the Higher dimensions. The only way to achieve a higher consciousness naturally is by raising your Light through Gnosis and Vibration.

Eclipses are highly transformative portals of energy. They tend to bring endings, shifts, and quantum leaps into new states of being. They can reveal things, expose the truth, and change the direction we have been traveling in. At their core, Eclipses bring fated or karmic events that can help push us to the next chapter of our soul evolution. A Blood Moon Eclipse is the most potent kind we can experience, so it’s safe to say we will all be doing some soul-leveling up in November!

The Cosmic Boost we are about to experience is going to be intense. I am Being Shown that we are about to vibrationally choose our Timelines. Where you are at frequency-wise is how you are choosing your timeline. You may consciously choose to enter the ascension portal into a higher state of consciousness, but your vibration is what will actually choose your fate. Just wanting to ascend does not get you there. you must work on your inner self to become the light quota needed for this ascension.

In many ways, this first boost of Clearing and transformative energies from the Blood Moon Eclipse is the Slingshot needed to catapult us through the 1111 Ascension Portal.

The number 11 in numerology is considered a ‘Master Number’ and represents growth, development, inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. So, having a double hit of energy – that is 11/11 - creates a powerful opportunity to get in touch with your higher self and envision your goals more clearly.

The 1111 Portal is a Magical Day of alignment with your Divine Inner Flame

This is also the Day of Sacred Union between the Masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Whether you are with your Twin or Not it doesn't matter. This Union is at a spiritual level and happens within one's self. Your Twin no matter where they are in this world or even if they are on the other side, is still a piece of you. But One must balance these energies within ones self to achieve the Sacred union.

1111 is a powerful angel number that indicates alignment and being in Divine harmony. When we are in this state, we can feel balanced in our mind, body, and soul. This balance can help us to create and lead our lives from a place of wholeness rather than lack or scarcity. To channel the energy of this day, work to raise your vibration so you can feel centered in your Higher Self.

November 11 is a time to connect with your spiritual realm and a chance for you to explore that doorway to the unknown.

November 11 offers “the idea of a threshold that can be crossed over, allowing entry into a different dimension, a new land, a place with the promise of new beginnings.

“We don’t know what lies beyond – it may offer challenges, it may offer miracles, who knows – but we can step through as pioneers and explorers of life. The invitation to transform is there.” quote by Mary Hunt

We are making our way along this journey to the higher understanding of the 5th dimension and beyond for many. Our Guides and Angels are here to help us reach that state of awareness But no one can save you or do it for you. You must do the inner work for yourself.

The November 8th Full blood Moon eclipse begins the deep Cleansing and purging for the 11/11 Portal which will bring in the energies for new beginning.

As you experience this massive shift in your consciousness, become aware of the changes that may occur. This will spark a boost in your cognitive abilities. As we raise in Light The closer we move into our Divine Purpose we leave the Darkness behind and receive the Gifts of the Ascension.

And so it is and it is so in so, much Love and Light Chellea Mystic and Channel of The Aeons Sophia and Christos, and the Karistus. The New Earth the Light full disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @

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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

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