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This Is The Final Curtain Call

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This Is The Final Curtain Call.

Beautiful Day Dear family of Light,

So much within, as without, is now coming forward to be assessed and transformed. But most are not even seeing it due to the blinders of misinformation. There is confusion and fear throughout the collective due to the constant Lies that is being pushed to hide the real truth. You can tell people to have discernment, but they will only believe what they want to believe whether its fact, or not. The reason for this is that people have been Lied to for so long, That they are programmed to only believe what they are told, or only believe a certain way due to False information. If Real Truth shows itself to them, they will not believe it because it goes against their Programming. It does not matter the proof you may have, If it doesn't follow what that individual wants to happen, they will not believe it as truth, they only want to believe what pushes their chosen narrative, even it there is no proof of it at all.

What we Believe, is our Level in this Ascension. So if you are caught up in the Lies and propaganda of the 3D world, This is where you are at spiritually as well. Each person must make the choice whether to see the real truth, or continue to be drug down by the fear mongering that is happening.

The plan for world take over is being stopped in its tracks. The Light is Here and is in total Control. The Light quota on this Planet is rising Daily now. More are waking up to the fake Plandemic and "V" Scare, and other scare tactics, and are finally saying No to being controlled. But not all are waking up to full Truths. They may not believe the scare tactics but continue to follow False Narratives and FAKE Plans that are not Truths and are being used to mislead and confuse the awakening ones. All of this is just distractions from what you should be focusing on in these moments.

Even some Lightworkers now are Questioning the NASARA and GASARA Narrative, Because they still haven't happened after 13 years of knowing of them. This is Because the BILLS for NASARA and GASARA Don't EXIST, and have never been put to Congress like the claim had stated. But you will get those out there still "FIGHTING" Tooth and Nail, Claiming them to be The PLANS. Sorry, No proof. Now don't get me wrong, I want this to happen just the same as everyone else in the Lightworker community, However, Nothing through our Government is here to help us, I choose to see the real Facts rather than someones made up fiction. Here is a recent post from another page about this same issue. Check out The Bitter Pills of NESARA And GESARA @

There is a lot of Misinformation floating around within the New Age community. The Dark has hit it hard with all kinds of Fake propaganda that even some of the Top Lightworkers have fell for the trap. All those who are within the Lightworker communities, need to take another look at what you are believing in. If you are following a narrative that is just not happening the way they keep saying it's going too, then it's time to question the narrative.

This Is the Final Curtain call for those still Lost in the Darkness. This is the last chance to make your choice of service to others or service to self. From Now until August 8th, on The Lion's Gate Portal we are being assessed by the Higher Light for this Ascension. This means your soul is being checked for it's quantity and quality of Light. In the Ancient Times, the Egyptians claimed that Anubis would weigh the Soul on the Scale of Light against a feather. If the Feather was heavier than the soul, you could pass into the higher realms of Light. But, if your soul was heavier than the feather, you would continue to reincarnate and stay within the 3D Universe. This is a very ancient depiction of what is happening in these moments. This is