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TIME IS RUNNING OUT ~ Mother Earth is Ascending

TIME IS RUNNING OUT ~ Mother Earth is Ascending

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

What you are witnessing on this Earth in these moments is a massive shift into a new reality. The Ancient Mother, Gaia Sophia has awakened and is in an expansion. For so long she has laid dormant and in slumber. There are those who believe that much of the weather and the quakes are weaponized. This is true to some extent. However, ancient text including the Torah speaks of a time when This Earth will awaken for her ascension back to the Light. According to the Judaic Seats, This took place back in 2019. It is thought that she is fully awakened now and is beginning to adjust her surface. As you could imagine when you first wake up you wish to stretch and move around. But she is also more conscious of what is happening on her surface. Our Mother Earth is very aware of every one of our personal intentions. She feels our Fear our hate and our greed. She also feels our Love compassion and gratitude. Each one of us contributes to the mass consciousness of Humanity. When she feels a negative mass on her surface, she will remove it. One thing you must know is when devastation happens like an Earth Quake or Hurricane, The People in that area become More Unified, Helpful, and caring to one another. This positive Vibration is what she is trying to obtain. She is in control of her own ascension. If something is stopping her from returning to the Light, it will be removed, and that includes our Negative Vibrations One Way or another. People must learn to care for one another. Humans to survive the shift into higher light, must change the way they think about their Neighbor. Only those who choose to awaken to the higher understandings will make this ultimate jump. Understanding that we are all part of this Grand Design helps to bridge the massive trenches that has been dug around every culture. We must learn that our governments are not our dictators. We do not have to abide by the terms of never-ending wars and battles. It does not matter where you live in this world We are all the Children of the Divine Light. As long as you hold Fear, Hate, Greed, and selfishness in your Heart you will not make this ascension. The Earth Gaia Sophia is the Divine Mother and she is awakening back to her glory, Whether we are ready for it or not.

Many also believe that the last time that CERN interfered it might have jumped us forward a few years. This is also possible, but what this means is that Mother Earth is much more awake than even the Judaic Seats thought. Making our Time for this ascension Jump, even shorter than we imagined. Our Ascension involves a massive consciousness Shift into the state of Oneness. Oneness includes Care for each other. We must learn very quickly to stop separating ourselves from each other.

Race, Religion, Politics, Wealth, and Culture all contribute to separation and Hate.

With governments that only wish to divide, and keep us in war after war, The Lower Vibrations of Fear Hate Greed and selfishness are where the collective Frequency of Humanity resides. The only way to help change this is by focusing on your own vibrations that you are emitting through Emotions. Love, Care, and gratitude are the Highest forms of vibration our body can emit. Within you Oneness is what needs to be achieved. To feel the Infinite Oneness you must erase all the judgment you have of Others. This is also considered the Death of the Ego. This is a very hard task for most, we have been programmed for centuries to hate and fear each other for whatever reason. But underneath it all, we are Of the One Consciousness. We are all a part of the Infinite Light of Source. So where does this leave you? Where are you at within the Light spectrum of Consciousness? Do you still hold on to the Old Programing of Hate and Fear? or are you loving and caring for your Neighbor? As we move through this ascension along with our Mother Earth Gaia Sophia, we must Learn to Live in Unity with each other and this Earth. Your Choice must be made. Time is running out.

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea @