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Timeline Jumping and the Ascension

The New Earth of Light, Channeling & Gnostic Guidance.

Timeline Jumping and the Ascension.

Learning Life's Lessons

Course # 2.

As you begin to advance in the Light, you begin to understand the process of the Ascension and Timeline Jumping. As with Course # 1, "Looking Into The Mirror of your Soul", Your Life's lessons must be learned to move forward into higher Light. When we refer to Moving forward in the Light we are talking about raising in Consciousness. This is the Spiritual Journey That Our "Soul" or what is our Piece of the Infinite Consciousness, is on, Back to the Cause, from which we came. Along this amazing journey from Life to Life, (Not always on Earth), we have experienced Many Lessons, through all the Life events we have had. Each One of these Life's lessons, Is about Love. This can be hard for some to swallow, but yes, it is that simple. When we are stuck in the loop of a Lesson unlearned, we must stop and view the situation through the eyes of Love. We must see where we ourselves was not Being of Love and Kindness and change it. It is not about what everyone else is doing. Its about you. Are you being the highest Love you can be in the situation? If not then it is a Lesson unlearned. Are you being of Total Service to Others, or the Self? What choices are you making in Life? You have to be the one to Change it to a Lesson Learned, by truly becoming a Loving and Compassionate person. If you yourself, has Expressed Your Highest Love in the Situation, Then you have Passed the Test.

However, it doesn't just end there, with each lesson learned you are stepping Higher in Light or what many understand to be, rising in the Ascension. How this effects our reality is like the experience of Timeline jumping, where you have shifted to a New Reality. This also happens when you make decisions out of Fear, or lower yourself in vibration causing you to shift to a lower vibrational timeline. In the ancient times these shifts Higher or lower within the dimension, were seen as Realms or different Worlds of Existence.

As you shift higher in Light you not only shift in Dimensions but you also shift Timelines. Each Timeline or Realm within that dimension , has new Lessons to learn and experience. However, The Dark has Hy-jacked Our Timelines in the Past. But Now The Light is in Full Control, and we are beginning to experience the Natural Shifts back on Track to where we need to be in these moments of our ascension. This may throw us into very strange events and experiences that we need to quickly learn. In some cases it is a sudden change that can not be ignored.

The Light is Now in total control, and Nothing is stopping your ascension except you. You must make the choices of Love and Service to Others to Advance in the higher Light, and receive the higher consciousness.

Sometimes its hard, Staying within the Higher vibrations of Love and Service to Others, when you feel you are being attacked. But here are some insights from the Ancients, on how to change your perspective in a situation, by knowing what it is that is taking place beyond your personal vision, or within the Unseen.

Those who have made the Choice of Love and Light, are being attacked psychically in these moments. The dark ones or What many refer to as Demons, or the Reptilians, are who the Nag Hammadi Codices refer to as the Archons. They are the Ones who are trying to keep you in the lowest vibrations that they can. These beings are within the unseen, and are parasitic in nature sucking "Loosh" or Negative energies from your Emotions. They like to cause chaos within your lives, because they feed on your negative energies. Anytime you play in the lower vibrations of Fear you are subject to them attaching themselves to you. However, always remember you have the Power to say No and remove them, if you are aware of the attachment. Plus once you become a certain level of Light, they can no longer attach to you, but can only use Others against you. They Live within the Lower 4th dimensional realms.

Humanity has just entered the 4th Dimension giving us the opportunity to either grow Higher in the Light and move into the Higher 4th and 5th dimensions, or to Move into the Lower 4th dimension of Service to Self, and deeper in the Darkness. We are given the Choice. That's why you still see The Lower vibrational individuals that choose the self, over service to Others. We are within the Choice. This is where many see a split in reality. However, When you are focused on Love Vibrations and Light, you become a target of Attacks by The Darker Parasitic entities. They will even use other people to bring you down in emotion. You are a threat to them because of your Light. If you can remember this when dealing with hard issues, it makes coming from the "Heart" Much easier. We can then realize and see the situation through the eyes of Love and compassion for someone who may be being attacked and used by the lower vibrational entities.

Once you can show Love within the situation, the lesson is Learned. Once you have figured out how to quickly learn the Lessons of this School of Light, you shift or Graduate to Timelines of Higher Light, to learn Higher Lessons of Love. Our Journey back to the Light is ongoing until we reach the Angelic Dimensions of God, in the Highest Form of Love which is Pure Light. We are not this Physical Form, we are a piece of the infinite consciousness That is the Originator of Creation.

The Ancient Gnostics were very aware of the truth of Creation. They knew how the worlds of existence and the Ascension Process worked. They knew that it all begins in your own Heart. It all begins with the God within. Everyone has this Light. This is your personal connection to Creation. Your Light or Consciousness or Soul, is a Piece of The Infinite Creator or God. This is you. This is who you are. You are a Multidimensional being of Light, experiencing existence, and either learning to become Pure Loving Light, or slipping deeper into the Darkness.

When we choose Love we shift to a Timeline to experience more Love. Becoming Love is being of the Service to Others mentality. This is, and always has been the path of light. When you choose self over someone else, because of Greedy or selfish purposes, you choose The path of Darkness.

There is really nothing Religious about this at all. unless you see Love as your Religion. This is what scared the Orthodox Church about the Gnostic Teaching, it is very simple, its all about Loving your Neighbor, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and feeding the hungry, and healing the sick. And even performing miracles because they had ascended to higher Light, which is a Higher state of Consciousness.

The Church did not want you to know the truth of who you are. So they criminalized it, and called it blasphemy.

But now you are in control of your own Ascension. Its not under and Orthodox Religion, It's called Love. and you Control how Fast or slow you wish to go. You are a part of a Grand Existence that is a continued state of being. You are eternal Consciousness experiencing Life. And if you Choose too, can Grow closer to the Light from which you came, by learning Life's Lessons of Love.

Once you know how to learn life's Lessons it becomes so much easier to deal with worldly issues. Your personal Lives becomes much more filled with Positive Movement toward the Light. You begin to notice that Things will shift quickly to direct you in the service of Light. The more of Love you become, The higher in consciousness you will become. This is the Path of Light, and the Path back to our Infinite Source from which we came.

and so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

By Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeon Sophia, Through Divine Light,

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