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Transforming into a 5D Human #ascension #consciousness

Transforming into a 5D Human

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

In these intense Energies, we are now moving very quickly through this Ascension. With all the Cosmic Waves hitting us it is increasing our Speed through the 4th dimension and Literally catapulting us into the 5th. With These massive shifts come our Inner Transformation.

5D Earth is a shift in dimension and consciousness characterized by love, unity, and higher awareness. Humanity is currently in the process of transitioning from 3D Earth, which is based on separation and duality, to 5D Earth, which is based on unity and oneness. This transition is a spiritual and energetic one. Excerpt from

This is Ascension in its truest form!

You have been to the depths, both in terms of dark dimensional levels, and in terms of Earth experiences. The challenge is now to recover lost aspects of your own spirit essence, lost during one trauma or conflict or another. And to heal your consciousness not only of that fragmentation, but of all the losses it has experienced.

Ascension into a higher vibrational spirit form from that level of experience will indeed feel hard to impossible some days.

And yet, remember always, dear ones—you are never alone!

Your soul, your soul family, the higher realms, and your Earth will never abandon you. Excerpt from Channel Caroline Oceana Ryan

Do not deny your Heart what it wants to feel, what it needs to feel, love and joy. For in doing so, you deny yourself spiritual growth. Embrace what makes you feel loved, what brings you joy, whether it is a person or an activity you like to do. And feel yourself rise. Excerpt By Kejraj

Whatever difficulties you encounter never forget that ultimately all will work out to your advantage, but just be patient knowing that all things must come to an end at some time. You will find that the wait will have been worth it as much to your liking awaits you.

The changes will give you an idea of what is to be in the future and they will both astonish and excite you. You have all come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and nothing will prevent them from happening. Time is on your side now and we will ensure that you have every opportunity to rise up.

We trust our vision for your future, lifts you up as so many of you are losing heart, but be assured that nothing material lasts forever. When you passed the marker you stepped onto a new path that slowly but surely left the o