Transmuting Past Life Karma


Lately, I have been hearing that there has been a lot happening during our dream time. Many feel that we are time-traveling and transmuting past life Karmas. I feel this is affecting our waking moments as well, through fatigue and discomfort. It seems that our past lives are now merging into one remembrance. I have heard other channels say that this is a time of repair or Healing of our past life traumas. Part of my personal journey has been remembering some of my past lives. I feel part of the reason for my remembrance was to heal the traumas received during those lives. However, I also feel that those lives are of great importance now in the remembrance of wisdom, knowledge, and gifts. This does not mean to dwell on one past life or another, we are here now to live this life, in this moment of our ascension. We all have had many lives within this world of forgetfulness, Each Time forgetting the life before. As the Light intensifies we are remembering more and more. Personally, my remembrance has been through experiences and research I am doing. I began having my first memories at the end of 2001. But lately, it is just getting more intense. I have remembered many more lives since then, but within the last year, it has become extreme through synchronistic confirmations. Another thing to understand when remembering Past lives is that not all our lives on this planet were human. So this can be confusing. That's why many of us are connected to Elves and Fae folk. There is also a chance you may remember being on another planet or ship out in the universe somewhere. Your Remembrance of who you are is eternal, you have always been, in many different forms or even in no form at all, in many different vibrations. There are 7 realms below us, and 7 including the 3rd dimension of Schooling, in the above realms of Vibration. We are just now returning back into the Higher Light.

As these memories of our past lives begin to appear we must observe them as past lessons that we chose to enlighten our own souls with along this journey back to the Light. Some past lives especially on this planet, have been extremely difficult, so remembrance of the traumas can be hard to handle. We have been both the abused and the abuser. We have all been Priests and Shamans and Thieves and Murders. We have been it all. That's why we are here at this moment. We have Mastered this School of Life. In these times we are healing and repairing all we have ever done against others that have not been resolved before in other lives. To move forward into higher spectrums of existence we must let go of the traumas and horrors of the lower dimensions. We must heal all the harm that's been done. As we raise to the Higher Light, the veil gets thinner. More and more things are being shown to us that have been hidden by The frequency we resided in. Now that the vibration of our existence is rising, we are able to see more of who we really are. When memories surface it is important to allow the emotion and pain of that trauma to be healed. All of the pain and disease we deal with in this life stems from our past life karmas. In my case, the past life karma showed itself as an experience of the same nature as happened in my past life. This sparked the Remembrance and I was able to transmute the energy to something positive, so it didn't have the same results. This is when I realized the experiences you are having in this life are reflections from past life experiences so you can learn the lesson you are meant to learn. This realization made it easier for me to get through the tough situations, with more ease and understanding.

So whatever you are experiencing "Now" in this Life, you have experienced it before in a Past Life.

Whenever things get hard, stop and remember that you have done this before. You can change the outcome of your personal experience in that situation, just by not reacting the way you might have had in your past life. This is how you end the reincarnation cycle. You End The Karmic Cycle.

The higher in vibration we become the more we will be forced to transmute the lower vibrations within ourselves. The memories of our past lives don't come from the Mind, it comes from our Cells, We are our ancestors. Each strand of your DNA holds the memory of who you are and who you ever have been. So when you remember and heal the traumas of a past life it affects you in this life Not only Spiritually and Mentally but down to the very cells of your body. This heals us in this Now moment, purifying the Mind, Body, and Spirit. No, we are not this body, but the vibration of this form is our own. As we raise our own vibration the body that we reside in must raise with us. When the body raises in vibration it is able to heal itself.

Welcome to The Higher Dimensions. That's how it works. As we enter the Higher Realms We are changing. Our physical forms will be able to heal ourselves much faster than we ever have before. No More will we have disease and virus. They can not live within the higher dimensions. You are returning to The Higher Light frequencies. You are returning to Pure Love.

In so much Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio


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