UFO's & U.S. Military Interaction w/video interviews of Scientists & Military Officials

Each year there are thousands of reports of UFO's across the country and world.

Most People in America have at least heard or read something about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), and at least 60 percent believe they are real.

Former US Presidents Carter and Reagan have both claimed to have seen a UFO.

Ufologist - and other UFO enthusiasts are convinced that the Bigger Governments especially the US Government, and particularly CIA, FBI, and MIC, are engaged in a massive conspiracy and cover-up of the UFO and Extraterrestrial issue.


In December 2017, the Defense Department declassified two videos documenting encounters between U.S. Navy F-18 fighters and unidentified aircraft. The first video captures multiple pilots observing and discussing a strange, hovering, egg-shaped craft, apparently one of a “fleet” of such objects, according to cockpit audio. The second shows a similar incident involving an F-18 attached to the USS Nimitz carrier battle group in 2004.  

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies. Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. In another recent case, the Air Force launched F-15 fighters last October in a failed attempt to intercept an unidentified high-speed aircraft looping over the Pacific Northwest .

A third declassified video, released by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a privately owned media and scientific research company to which I’m an adviser, reveals a previously undisclosed Navy encounter that occurred off the East Coast in 2015.


Honorable Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of Defense. on the UFO Conspiracy


2001 National Press Club Event

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

Mr. William Pawelec

Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with numerous credentials in security technologies and access control systems. He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event and asked that it not be released until after his death. We recently found out that Mr. William Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007 and we received permission to release it in December 2010.


Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure set out to accomplish what the U.S. Congress had failed to do for forty-five years - seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time - evidence pointing toward an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Forty researchers along with military/agency/political persons of high rank and station came to the National Press Club in Washington, DC to testify to six former members of the United States Congress.


Testimony From Scientists, Ex- Military Officer's and Politicians

Nick Pope (Ministry of Defense) ret. ~ UK

Discuses Several Cases of UFO activity with the US and the UK, while being Minister of Defense in the UK.


Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir was one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena.


In Memory of Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

Dr. Jessie Marcel Jr., a star witness that testified alongside his daughter Denice and son Jessie Marcel III at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure died on August 24, 2013 of an apparent heart attack.


Genetic Harvest -"The truth was too difficult to report publicly"

Linda Moulton Howe Testifies at the hearing on disclosure regarding animal mutilation instances and how that relates to possible genetic harvest incidents from extra terrestrial sources.


Dr. Steven Greer Testifies About Extra Terrestrial Technology


Citizen Hearing On Disclosure DAY 1 AM Session


The Pentagon recently authorized the release of footage of a Navy pilots close encounter with an unidentified flying object. This was presented along with the implied announcement that the U.S. government has set up a secretive military program to identify and monitor extraterrestrial threats, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The program only ran from 2012 to 2017, they say, which is a short five years in the longer timeline of U.S. government investigations into UFO activity, going back the Roswell incident in 1947.

Rather than fully disclosing the contents of the U/S. government’s knowledge of ET’s and UFO’s, the recent announcements can be seen as psyop to confuse and misdirect the UFO research community away from other important pieces of this timeline. This type of obfuscation offers cover to black budget programs while subtly announcing the presence of a war plan against extraterrestrials.

Absent from the current conversation about UFO’s is the broad body of investigation into alien activity around nuclear missile facilities, and a number of credible reports indicating that UFO’s have been able to disarm ICBM’s and other components of the nuclear arsenal.

This story is told in detail in a documentary film entitled UFO’s and Nukes: the Secret ink Revealed. This story has a much greater significance to our world than the slow drip of information on UFO sightings and a propaganda campaign to hijack the narrative on UFO’s.

The UFO Documentary You’re Not Supposed To See (Trailer)

UFO’s and Nukes: the Secret Link Revealed

UFOTV Presence UFOs AND NUKES - The Movie



SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film (FREE!)


Mexican Air Force Pilots Film UFOs

Mexican Air Force pilots film and observe 11 unidentified flying objects on March 5th, 2004.




Montana and military involvement with UFOs


Project BLUE BOOK - Unidentified Flying Objects


Project Blue Book (UFO) part 1 of 1


ufo photos - CIA




Man releases 130K pages of declassified Air Force documents on UFOs


Canada's UFOs: The search for the unknown


The Black Vault


CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90


Hackers Expose Secret Space Missions and Government UFO Research



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