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Unique Energies in the Stargate 💫 Sandra Walter

Unique Energies in the Stargate

Apr 17, 2021

Blessings Beloveds ~

We are deep in a unique stargate opening which commenced this week.

Plasma anomalies and out-of-nowhere geomagnetic storms had popped up on the linear charts, and continue to compliment this reality-shifting passage. Even science is noting these cosmic forces as unusual.

This passage of brand new frequencies flowing through the stargates continues through April 29.

Some notes:

– The anxiety many of you are feeling is the tremendous expansion of Crystalline Lightbody these new harmonics bring. It also is a reality-shifter, so the collective feels the impending changes, regardless of being awake or aware of it. Sensitive folks may pre-cog upcoming global revelations.

– Reminder: Your Heart Center is a stargate. As we become ONE with the organic stargate systems, we become a conduit of these new energies. Be diligent with heart-care, hydration, meditation, exercise and meridian flows, since geomagentic activity, flares and plasma influxes affect the physical cardiovascular system and heart.

– Plasma anomalies at the Solar and Galactic scale are reflections of this new light, codes, and organic stargate flows. These are literal reality-shifting, veil-lifting, quantum free will revelations taking place.

– Have you noticed how intense the SUN is right now? Crystalline structures can feel like carbonation or intense tingling in direct SUNlight. These are very strong codes and literal radiation. Don’t overdo exposure – and don’t hide from it either. Solar flashing is consistent, intensifying and permeating the lower constructs in a new way.

– As always, request the plants, minerals, crystal beds, animals, aquifers, and elementals to express their Ascended Crystalline state. They release energies, plasma and codes when we do this. It does shift the weather patterns, however that is inevitable. No stagnant or controlled patterns pay forward.

– Expect the next few weeks to shake many souls awake, by way of revealing the cosmic shifts. All focus on amplifying your highest reality choice of unconditional love and Ascension.

– The main focus in this Gate opening is on Freedom Codes, Revelation and Resurrection of the Golden Race DNA. However there is also a new level of perception, a clear Divine perspective that is presenting. FEEL this perception change. Take time to witness it.

– Dismantling will amplify again. The Ancients of Days, Paradise SUNs and Divine Teams reinforced the guidance from our last webinar; this is a moment to completely align with your Creator BEingness and give no energetic support (judgment, worry, emphasizing negative outcomes) to the external chaotic spells. Care, but don’t carry. Divine Neutrality allows for best choice in the moment, based on love and a (very) broad perspective for highest outcomes. Divine neutrality is aligned action, not reaction.

– Level Up support for physical transformation. I AM guided to a lengthy water fast again (drink only water, no food), to allow my lightbody and crystalline structures to receive new DNA codes. Preparation for broadcasting a new frequency by the June Solstice event and Crystalline Convergence. If guided and aligned with your personal health conditions, try a day or three to give your body a chance to catch up with the new light codes.

FIVE YEAR Anniversary of SUNday Unity Meditations

Infinite Love Light to all who participate in our Global Meditations each week! We celebrate 5 years of saying YES to unity, peace and collective Ascension on SUNday.

It is an honor to share this weekly practice to see, feel, and activate as ONE. See you in the field on SUNday for our Glo