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Unlocking The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life (w/videos)

The Flower of Life is believed to be the symbol that signifies the Grand Cycle of this Universe and of all Creation. It's pattern is a representation of how all life comes from one singular Source, the Ultimate Creator or the One infinite Consciousness, which is represented by the circle in the middle of the pattern.

The Flower of Life is the physical representation of our true connections that we are to all living things. This sacred symbol is found in nearly every culture on the planet, and many believe it is the sacred dance of Creation.

It is thought while meditating on this symbol, we co-create along with the Universe.

There is believed to be many secret's hidden within the Flower of Life symbol. The design is said to hold the most significant and sacred patterns of the universe. It is believed to be a sort of blueprint for all life, with the fundamental patterns for everything from atoms to the universe and everything in between.


Ancient Sacred Geometry Symbol And Blueprint Of The Universe

Ellen Lloyd - - The Flower of Life is a modern name given to an ancient sacred geometry symbol used by many different civilizations.

The symbol is of great spiritual and religious importance and believed to depict the fundamental forms of space and time. It has long been regarded as a blueprint of the Universe, containing the basis for