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USB Drive Found in Berlin, w/ Photos and Videos That Could Prove SPACE EXPLORATION and ET HIERARCHY

Please Allow time for loading, This page is full of Videos and Photos.

A person by the name of Quisto who lives in a small village close to Berlin, Germany, claims to have found a USB drive that could change everything we thought we knew, about our history, space, Extraterrestrials, and The whole order of Universe.

The Collection has 1800 files all together. Below are just a few of those amazing files.



"To make a quite long story short, I found a usb stick on a parking lot near the so called "Steintor" a few hours ago. I didn't think much when I saw it and put it into my pockets. There was nothing more at the parking lot, just a silver toshiba usb stick (it has a strange symbol carved into it) Later to day I put it into my laptop. First I had trouble opening it because the laptop said it is corrupted and i'm not Computer savy. Anyways, I found lots of files I have no idea what they mean.

But here comes the interesting part: among the unnamed files there were quite many images and videos of what seems like planets/space related stuff. They all seem old from the 1900s. The videos kind of shocked me as some of them show what seems like "alien ufos". I watched lots of scifi movies to know what they look like lol

I don't know the story bwhind the usb Stick and who possessed it but I decided to share this with you. some images seem to show surface close ups of planets and some seem to be edited/blacked out. The videos are too freaky to describe. A friend said the stick contains old Voyager sattelite recordings and files that are not supposed to be public as he has never seen something like that (he's a space dude). I will look more into the files now and keep you up to date. Once i figure out how to upload I will show to you the images.

Maybe some of you know what is shown on the pictures/videos." (Source)

We do not Know anything about the Contents we are about to show you, other than they are being uploaded under the Title

project coleacanth 8867 Please use Discernment, But keep an Open Mind. If this is a Hoax, It is a very BIG one, it would take 1000's and 1000's of hours to create this.


The First Thing I want to look at is this Image of an Extraterrestrial Hierarchy

Alone with several space Photos and videos is a this strange graphic with a List of what seems to be an Extraterrestrial Hierarchy

Please click on the Image to view in full size.

This Incredibly disturbing list shows what seems to be the hierarchy of the Universe. or at least this sector of space. The "Cause" Being The Infinite Creator?