WAKE UP!! Before it's too Late - We Are at the Crossroads

WAKE UP Before it's too Late - We Are at the Crossroads

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I am being Guided By the Angels to Remind those of the Light, to shake themselves awake, and to redirect their Paths. I am being shown that Many are under a spell, in a trance type state, and have veered off the Path.

With the New Moon energies on our Horizon and everything that's happening in the world, we are being hit with very Contrary Vibrations. Which Frequency you wish to focus on will be the choice you make in this wave of the ascension.

In other words, This is the crossroad. Either you choose to wallow in the outside world's Darkness or you choose to Focus on your Inner World and enhance your Spiritual Growth. Most people do not like to do the inner work because of their own darkness. I notice every time I share information about the disclosure that is Taking Place, People, are all for it. However, as soon as I give the Spiritual information that goes along with it, they do not want to hear it. This is their EGO making the Choice to not further Their Spiritual Development. Yes, The disclosure is important for us to see, so we can transform that energy and dissolve it with The Light. This is our Spiritual Work. But that Work also entails the Inner work that is necessary to Clear and re-balance ourselves within the Light. When all you wish to see is the darkness and you do not wish to balance with the Light, You are making the choice Not to ascend your Consciousness to the next step at this time.

We are now at the Crossroads of this wave of the Ascension, Some say this is just the first wave for this particular advancement, and we will be slowly moved into the Higher Dimensional Consciousness. Many more waves will follow. I am being shown that this is the case. If you have been doing this work for a while you may remember a few years ago the Channelers referred to The different waves of The Ascension. Their information is coming to fruition even Now. It is like we are gradually being raised wave after wave, a Few at a Time. We are being slowly raised step by step into the higher vibrations. Now we are on the Next steps of our Journey.

The Dark ones are working very hard to keep your attention off of your ascension, by throwing every negative thing they can at you. The Darkness is pushing the Fear of Disease, War, Famine, and Death. These vibrations are the Four Horsemen of The Biblical Prophecy, The Seven Seals. You can choose to Except their apocalyptic future or you can choose to Transform it into Light. It's all up to you. The transformation starts within you. Do you follow the Path of Fear or the Path of Love? Fear is what this world of Darkness is hitting you with. You do not have to accept these vibrations. Many who follow the path of Light, get sidetracked along this journey. These side paths trick you into focusing outside of the Inner Guidance. For example, Many Lightworkers can't wait to hear the Next Channel from whatever Otherworldly Beings, they have connected themselves to. However, what this does is make many forget, that the same message is within them. You have already heard it before within your own Spirit. This is why we resonate with these different messages. They all come from within our own hearts.

Within these precious moments, We need to focus our attention on our own Inner Guidance. This is where you find the true path out of the darkness.

The Ones who wished for control have tried everything they can to stop us from advancing spiritually. Even removing the God within and putting Him outside of ourselves somewhere up in the clouds. Now is the time to remember the Presence of the Infinite Light within, and follow the Wisdom within your own soul. That is the True Path of Light.

and so it is and it is so.

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons, Sophia and Christos, The Karistus (The Ones Known as the Angels), The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance. @ UniversalLIghthouseBlog.com


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