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We Are Almost to Avalon🧚‍♀️ The Faerie Realm.

We Are Almost to Avalon🧚‍♀️ The Faerie Realm.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all Nature spirits and Elementals, for this moment in Time, and for your beautiful Insights.

Beautiful Day Dear Ones,

Today I am asking for insights into the world events, Also to bring to Light any other information that you wish to bring forth, and again Thank you.

I am first Presented with the Image of a very Powerful Angel of Light holding the world in one hand and his Heart in the other. I see this as a sure Sign, that The Divine is in total control. In the World today we are being misled and deceived into believing the Dark Narrative of Chaos and Disharmony. However With this vision I am being shown that everything is Under full Control of the Light.

I am then shown the image a woman shooting a bow and arrow.

I am also given the message, "Stand up for our rights to Know Truth."

We know that the governments of the World are on a Mission to totally control what we see, hear, and speak. We must stand up for our Rights and not back down from what we Know to be truth.

I then receive the Phrase, "Be Assertive when it comes to what you know is Right." In today's world so many people have become lazy and they just don't care about anything, if its not happening to them. The Faeries are reminding us to actually take action when we know be are being done wrong. We do not have to comply with the Darks Agenda.

I am then told "Do the Right thing, for the right reason." In today's society, Doing the Right thing can go against the stasis quo. By "Doing The Right Thing" we must take action.

I am then shown the Phrase, "The Delays are over." The Faerie are letting us Know that there will be no more delays caused by the Dark to stop this ascension. Everything they have attempted has failed.

I am then given the vision of a Girl opening the cover of a well, When she does, Magical Energies flow from it.

These Energies are very Ancient and bring Healing and Manifestation.

What this is showing me is that The Cosmic Energies are coming in strong and Pushing us forward in this ascension.

I am then given the image a Faerie walking on a Pathway, she sees her destination way off in the distance. The faerie are telling us to continue on our Journey, and not to give up, we can see our purpose, we just need to move forward.

The Faeries message today seems to be picking up on the major deceptions taking place on the world stage at the moment. Many of us know the truth of what is happening, but are now becoming much more reluctant to voice our options, Due to the Back Lash at all angles. However, We are being guided by The Faerie to Stand up and Make our Truth heard. Sitting back and doing Nothing, is a choice to allow the Dark Agenda to continue. But the Faerie also want us to know that we are not alone. They as well as our Guides and Angels are here to assist us on this last bit of our Earthly Journey into the Higher consciousness.

I am shown the word "Gratitude." The Key to Moving Forward is Gratitude. We are reminded that giving Thanks for what we have, brings more blessings into our Life. We often forget to be thankful for everything that's been given to us. But it also about the Vibration you hold while being thankful that is Important in these times. By being in the state of gratitude, you embody the Light.

I am then given the vision of the beautiful Isle of Avalon, There is a Small Boat heading towards it, The Faeries are leading the boat to the shore. This vision, is telling us that we are almost There within the higher dimensions,

The Faerie are reminding us That we are so Close and to not stop now They are also letting us know that they are here at this very moment, leading the way Home to Avalon's Peaceful Shores.

And so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons, Sophia and Christos, The Karistus and The Faerie Realm. The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @

Faeid Communication Q & A and Message.

This is a Question and Answer session with Beings between the 5th and 9th dimensions that live within the Elemental Realms, or what we refer to as The Faerie Realm. This Realm is within the Inner Earth. They are multi-dimensional and so are frequently on the surface of the planet as well, but must stay hidden from Human eyes. They are the Angels or Spirits of Nature and are the Protectors of this Planet and all her inhabitants. The Term “Faerie” Refers to All of the beings including Elves, Gnomes, Pixie, Sprites, Faerie, and Many other magical and multi-dimensional Beings.

This is channeled through many decks of Tarot cards and visual images or scenes I receive. I will tell you what the Faeries have shown me visually and the message they may give directly. I do not use the cards in the way that it is traditionally done in readings, The Faeries show me images or words, coinciding with the Answer to the question or message they are giving. There is also direct telepathic communication also in images and words.


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