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We are Entering the Cosmic Year of the White Wizard, July 26th

The "Galactic New Year" or "Cosmic New Year" is upon us on July 26th. This is a magical time for positive transformation. This year we are rediscovering our Ancient Selves. Long ago we knew our special gifts, We were people of natural powers, connected to our Mother Earth. We are now remembering These parts of ourselves again. The energy through this portal and throughout this New Year doubles the effectiveness of our "Pure" intentions. This is the Year of the White Wizard. The Ancient practices of the White Craft was of Healing, Goodness, Oneness and of "Pure" intentions.This is the Year for our Lights to Shine as ancient Masters.


The Galactic New Year on July 26th, 2019 Begins the Journey of The White Magnetic Wizard Year!

The Galactic Frequency of this Year invokes the Powers of the Wizard, the Shaman, the Heart-Seer.

The Magnetic Tone of this Year calls us to sensitize to the Unity of All of Life ~ recognizing all moments, all beings, all circumstances as aspects of the Indivisible Essence of All That Is. As We are Each an expression of Totality, We Each Embody a Unique and Essential Purpose in Serving our One Life.

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

White Magnetic Wizard: Kin 14 "I Unify in order to Enchant Attracting Receptivity I Seal the Output of Timelessness With the Magnetic Tone of Purpose I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled."

The White Magnetic Wizard Year calls us to re-enchant our shared life; to know the power of our beliefs, thoughts, vibrations, intentions and actions as spells that create realities.

It is time to wield our positive, divine capacit