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We Have So Much To Look Forward To ~ February's Cosmic Energy Forecast

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After the intense energies in January, we will finally "Leap" into the new Vibrations. We have so much to look forward to. Everything we have been working on since August of last year will soon come to fruition. We are about to reap what we have sown for our life. We are also about to have closure where things have been rough the past few months. These will be peaceful vibrations, allowing for the connection to unity, forgiveness, and compassion helping us to align with our souls' purpose. Remember The Power of the Light is also intensified this year, so all vibrations are amplified due to us being within the Galactic Year of The White Magnetic Wizard!

The Energies for this next few weeks will bring the very much needed and long anticipated, abundance, sense of balance, and immense potential for our souls.


February's Astro Forecast.

Being a leap year, February 2020 has 29 days. The 29th of February is special because it is giving us the number 8 numerologically.

Eight represents abundance, a sense of balance, and immense potential for our souls. You can expect this month to bring all these things with it. February is going to feel like a breeze after the heavy January.

Full Moon In Leo – 8th February

January’s Full Moon Eclipse was very intense, but this one due in February will be much lighter. Its vibrations are going to make us feel aligned with our soul’s path. It will also make us more confident. Whatever work you’ve been putting in towards your goal since August 2019, is going to bear fruit.

If any past issues were bothering you, this Full Moon will bring the much-needed closure to them.

Mars Moves Into Capricorn – 16th February

Traditionally, this placement is an ambi