"We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto" Making our Way into the 4th Dimension

About a month and a half ago, right around the time when we were suddenly forced into separation, something very strange happened to us and this planet, and it's not COVID-19.

Right as things started happening I begin to notice Mandela effect type events, in my own life. For example, We live in a log cabin settled at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We have lived here for 3 years. One day a few weeks ago I was out front of my house standing by a light pole. I noticed that next to that Pole was an old Bird House. I had never seen the Bird House before. But I was the only one in the house to experience this. Everyone else had remembered the Birdhouse. For a moment I thought I might be losing my memory.

Another thing I noticed was that there is a lot of people leaving the planet at the moment, but not all are COVID-19 victims like the "Dark" want you to think. This is an attempt to hide the real truth of what is happening to us and this planet.

Even the atmosphere seems different. A different color, a different feeling, like almost a hazy look to it. People's attitudes have changed, Some for the better, but most are engulfed in fear, worry, and anger, unsure of what is happening next. This is because of the powerless elites' intensional attempt to highjack the Ascension.

But most at the moment has had to go within, not just staying inside their homes, but, go within there own souls, and examine themselves. Many are able to experience more in Nature, cleaning and clearing out there spaces, Physically and Mentally.

We have also noticed other weirdness going on such as missing time, or strange loops where it almost seems like Deja vu. The Elemental and Spiritual realms seem closer than "normal," thus causing bleed-through of 4th Dimensional Energies. Plus many of us are experiencing noticeable changes or an increase in our special gifts.

Channelers for years have talked about what it will look like when we Reach 5D, However, many told us that we were skipping 4th and heading right into the 5th Dimension. I found this strange even being new to the Cause. I felt that if we were just thrown into the 5D that most would not be able to handle it. We are told that Humanity is ascending together. So, the journey is to proceed through the 4th Dimension, where we as a collective can Raise our vibrations higher to meet the vibrations of the 5th Dimension. The Earth herself is raising with us. This is what we have witnessed through the Schumann Resonance.

I guess the point I am trying to make is "We're Not in Kansas anymore Toto."

Could we have jumped into the 4th Dimension?

Let's look at what we know about the 4th Dimension.

Within the 4th Dimension resides many levels of Vibrational Entities from malevolent reptilians, shapeshifters, and other dark beings with negative agendas, too many benevolent Fae Folk, Elves, Unicorns, and other wonderful species That are here to help Humanity and this planet reach the Higher dimensions. It is a Place of Magic, White and Black, and It is where Avalon Resides. Many of us remember past Lifes in the 4th dimension, Before we fell into the 3rd.

4D Is where the earth was before she fell in the 3rd density that we have been in for the last several thousand years. Humanity has DNA Memory of the 4D Reality. This is "not" a place filled with Bliss and Harmony. However, we as Humanity have total control of our destiny now. No longer are we going to be deceived by others in the attempt to enslave and control us. You see the 4th Dimension, is not necessarily another place but a different state of Consciousness. We as Humanity are rising into a higher awareness of our existence. This also means that the awareness of the self has changed, we are no longer just me. We are a race of beings alongside many other races, working our way back to the light, just how the Goddess originally intended.

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. ~ Rod Serling

Planetary ascension refers to the idea that the planet — this entire planet, including Humans, is changing and Evolving into a Higher Consciousness. The 5D Consciousness that we have been told about, is living life in Pure Harmony with each other and Nature and Mother Earth. We have a long way to go to get to that point as a species. Some of us, work very hard to have that mentality 24/ 7, But, we are not doing this ascension thing by ourselves, this is an entire planet's journey back to the Light.

So, what does the 4th Dimension have to offer humanity?

As we make our way into the unknown, the forgotten territory of 4D, we will be blessed with a higher understanding of who and what we are, and our connection to this Multi-verse of existence.

We now can experience our Multidimensional selves in a much easier since.

Our long dormant gifts and special abilities, will begin to show themselves more.

Communication between realms becomes much easier which allows for our Guides and Angels to better teach us along this journey.

What we choose to manifest in our lives, happens much quicker and easier.

We will have a clearer connection to Source power,

With the veil finally being lifted, we can no longer be harmed, deceived, and controlled by anyone.

Magic seems to flow from us, in the forms of Love, Healing, Truth, and Protection.

Many of us will experience the longing to nurture, love, and heal the rest of Humanity. This is you recognizing your Oneness.

Who knows how long it is going to take us to reach 5D. Many think it is going to be a very short time. While Some believe at least a generation or two.

We will never again be held back from our ascension. We are now on the fast track in this raising of Awareness, and can now more easily manifest for ourselves and as a collective. With our focused intent, we end all harm, deception, and control of anyone. We do not consent to anyone's agenda if it is not in the best interest of humanity and this Earth. We as Sovereign Beings Stand for the Divine rights of Humanity and this our Mother Earth.

In Love and Light

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