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"Welcome Home" A Message By the Andromendan High Council of Light.

"Welcome Home", A Message By the Andromendan High Council of Light.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

So much is changing daily now. there is an obvious split in the consciousness of humanity happening in these moments. Those who are service to others will "feel" a rise in their consciousness. We will also begin to actually see that rise, as our third eye begins to open more, and connect us to our Family of Light. Within these times of the Lion's gate portal, we are able to embody the higher-self. Our higher awareness from the 6th dimensions and beyond, are stepping in by Divine will. As our assessment is made through Light, we are then boosted into a higher knowing and the God-self can then step forward in our awareness, making itself known. This will begin to advance through out the next month and beyond.

This is beautiful and a very important spiritual advancement for humanity. This is what we as Starseeds came here to Earth to do. To Raise the Human race out of darkness, so they can learn to evolve within the Light. You see Humanity has always been a controlled species, never being allowed to evolve past the lower 4th dimensional consciousness. And those who have gotten that far, usually gets forced or tricked into working for the dark.

The Dark has never wanted the human race to evolve past them. We were created in their eyes, as a slave race. But many of our Star Families have stepped in and have Boosted us with the Light and is activating dormant DNA to meet this ascension timeline. Not to mention that they themselves have added their DNA with ours throughout history. They are genetically our Family.

I know that there are many who don't like the "times is running out" scenario, however, Time is only running out to make the choice of Service to Others, or service to self, but the clock is not moving for those who have already chosen the service to others path of Light. We have made our choice. We are ascending into the higher Dimensions. For us it's a matter of continuing to increase our Vibrations.

We need to stay within the Light, focusing on purifying our Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our Body is Purified by the actions we are Involved in, such as positive Karmic energies we may be projecting, and the substances we choose to take in by digestion and by absorption. Things such as food, drink, drug, herbs, shampoos, lotions, cigarettes etc. affect our bodies vibration. As we purify our assumption, we also heal our form. Our Minds our fed by What we choose to engulf it with, The Clearing of the Mind from Thoughts purifies it, most importantly removing the egoic thought forms of selfishness. Removing the old programming of the Self allows us to purify the Mind. Our Spirit is then Fed by the Light, Which is all things of High vibrational energy. This includes what our Mind and Bodies is Emitting and partaking of. Our Spirit is fed by what we surround ourselves with, and what thoughts we have and yes, what we ingest into and on our body. But most of all it is fed by our awareness of the Light Which is the awareness of Love. The Service to Others mentality is the way of unconditional Love vibration, which is the Highest vibration the human form can send out. Service to Others mentality is the only way of the higher dimensions. This is the choice the has to be made. and Yes time is running out for those who are still riding the fence. Staying undecided is a choice.

In these moments I am seeing each individual creating their own Chaos, or Bliss. If you stay focused on the outward 3D world of separation, you will create chaos and separation within your personal lives, if you are Focused within, and of being of service to others in these times, you will find yourself creating Bliss, Unity, and Abundance within your Lives.

When we get emotional about things or events happening in this world, we are continuing to create more things and events within our reality to be emotional about. The Universe sees our emotions and mirrors them back to us. This is how this Universe works. By choosing to stay within the higher vibrations of Love, which is service to Others, you will create a Peaceful, Loving, Happy, and Abundant Life, and a Higher way of Being within the 5th Dimension. We make our personal choice in every moment. In this time of the Earth's ascension back into Light, Humans must make the choice to become a loving, caring, giving, and forgiving being, in total Service to Others, to continue to maintain your existence on this New Earth of Light.

The Beautiful Message from Andromendan High Council of Light that was Given was: "Time is Running out for Those Still Undecided, indecision is a choice. Those who have chosen Love and Service to Others will Move Forward into the Light. Time to you no longer exists, You are eternal, and will begin to have remembrance. Welcome Home Dear Family of Light"

and so it is and it is so,

in so much Love and Light,

Chellea @

Information received Through the Andromendan High Council of Light.


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