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Wesak - Catalyst for New Beginnings-A New Vision

by Selacia

This Wesak occurs during a unique window of time - when you and all of humanity have brand-new potentials to re-envision what kind of world you want - and what roles you will play. Continue reading to understand how the Wesak we celebrate May 15 can be just the catalyst needed to accelerate awakening and birth an entirely new kind of world based on love.


As a reminder - or if you're new to Wesak - it's a time annually when we celebrate the divine in all beings. The Wesak celebration specifically honors the Buddha and his enlightenment - yet it's really about the Buddha nature and enlightenment potential of all humans. Wesak has nothing to do with religion or any specific spiritual practice. The celebration involves remembering and connecting with the Buddha nature that naturally exists within you - at your core.

Near Death Experience

It's common knowledge that one often must face a severe crisis - even be in such a dark hour that it's like a near death experience. During those moments, when it can feel most hopeless, one can let go and experience a rebirth.

Dark Night Of The Soul Experience

Most of us have had at least one such dark night of the soul experience. It comes with being human. If you feel like you're in one of those now, you're in good company. The key to navigating the experience is to be conscious to it, embrace it, accept it, welcome it. Not so easy, to be sure. Yet that is what is required. I speak from personal experience, and from having helped countless others over the years.

You & The Collective

It's important to keep in mind the link between you and the collective. Whatever you are experiencing - the good, the bad, and the rebirth - humanity also experiences. However you respond to your experiences makes a difference in the collective.

None of us is here on a solitary journey - simply figuring out life and evolving the best ways we can. Each time we increase our self-awareness and raise our vibration, the collective benefits.

Similarly, since our rebirth process is interlinked with that of humanity, when we face what's in front of us in a conscious way and move through our own rebirth, we greatly accelerate humanity's rebirth. This means each of us matters.