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What an amazing time we are living in! ~ Judith Kusel

Judith Kusel

May 21 at 3:47 AM

What an amazing time we are living in! A time of expansion. A time of immense inner growth. A time of intense reconnection to our own highest soul self and our cosmic heritage. More than this, it is time when we truly are finally understanding in the deepest sense, that we have the power to create our own reality, our own life, and empower ourselves from deep within. So many at this time, are trying to find scapegoats, so that they can take the focus off their own inner scapegoats, all the inner stuff they have run away from all their lives, and which is now surfacing with a bang! As long as you try to fix the outside world, or buy into blame and shame, you are missing the soul lessons and you are missing the boat completely. What you see in others, is there within yourself. What you blame in others, you are only blaming within yourself. For in truth, we are all one. As the Unity Consciousness is rising, understand that if you constantly are looking of other people to rescue you, and run your life for you, or try to run away from the inner turmoil, and that which is churning inside, (and what the outer world reflects like a mirror back to you), then you are indeed not prepared to dig deep inside yourself, and to finally heal in the deepest sense of the word. Once you have done the inner work and prepared to do more and more, you will find a deep inner peace, a deep still point, which no one can disturb. You start realizing, that you are a fully empowered soul. You can choose to let the outside world run you, and disturb and disrupt you and buy into fear, blame and shame, or you can choose not to react and go deeply within yourself and the truth of your soul, and choose to create a new life for yourself, to be invigorated by this time, and to see opportunities, and immense new life and expand your inner vision. The choice is yours. Indeed, a whole new world is there, a new way of life and it is already here. It is present. Indeed there a miracles happening right here and right now. It is all a matter of seeing, knowing and Being! More than this, it is a higher state of gratitude and love. More than this, a growth and expansion in all directions! What an opportunity! What a gift! Judith Kusel


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