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What Is Enlightenment? & How Can We Really Achieve it?

Most people have heard, that the Masters, such as Buddha or Jesus, were considered "Enlightened Beings". Many Ancient Beliefs still today strive to achieve this enlightenment.

But what does it mean to truly be "Enlightened"?

"Enlightenment" is an English word that can mean several things. In the West, the "Age of Enlightenment" was a philosophical movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that promoted science and reason over myth and superstition, so in Western culture, enlightenment is often associated with intellect and knowledge.

Therefore the Elites, because of their knowledge, have become the Illuminati Or the Illuminated ones, The Ones filled with Knowledge.

But The Master's "Enlightenment" didn't just have to do with the Knowledge, it was much more. True Enlightenment is achieved through our Spiritual Advancement. Enlightenment is achieved through the wisdom that is obtained by using the knowledge that you receive. In other words, you can't just know the information, you have to put it to use.

Everything we learn in life, is given to us for our spiritual growth. Every experience is about Love, in one way or another. How we react or respond in those situations, determines our level in our spiritual development.

The Ancient Master's were exactly that, They had mastered this life. They knew the secrets of our universe (Everything is Vibration) and they lived it, by becoming Love. They became One with the All. Once you truly trust that the infinite creator is in all things, you become Enlightened, not just with the Knowledge of it, but you learn to live as one with all things. Nature is God in Action, So, They learned to work with Nature, through vibration. By achieving this level of Christ Consciousness, you can manipulate everything around you. This is how Jesus performed miracles. As we raise in Vibration, we begin to receive our special abilities. Love is the greatest vibration that our body can emit, so Jesus became "Love", in all aspects of his life, he was of total service to humanity.

Humanity is rising in awareness, but they have lost the ability to care for and trust each other. We must remember that we each carry the Spark of God within us. It doesn't matter your race, culture, or religion, We are One Humanity. We must learn to Care for and Trust each other again.

It is really sad to see Families split up in the Name of spirituality. There is false prophets out there, teaching separation to the newly awakened individuals. If anyone ever tells you to leave a Loved one because their vibration is to low, you are being lied to. The whole point of our spiritual growth, is to learn to have love and forgiveness.

Our personal Families are very important in our spiritual growth. We chose to be born in the family that we are in, for a reason. Our past lives have always been within our family tree, we are our ancestor's. So, to clear old karma from a past lives, you must clear the karma within your own family unit. We must learn to forgive our family and our self, for being unaware. We must learn to Love our Family again. Love has been removed from almost all aspect of the family, especially the Mother. The Mother used to give her life for her unborn child, Now she just don't care about that unborn life at all.

To become truly enlightened one must become Love. This means to Strive to be helpful in any way that you can to your fellow humans. Learn to have real "Care" for your Neighbor.

The Buddhist Monk's strive on never having a negative thought. They claim that you can eventually become of "Rainbow Body" (Light Body).

Rainbow Body - A Tibetan Buddhist term that describes a phenomenon wherein human bodies of adepts vanish after following a life long practice known as Dzogchen

Rainbow Body

Jesus Believed Enlightenment was obtained through Love, He decided to Love people so much he gave his life, But he didn't Die. He arose and reanimated his dead body according to scripture. In the Nag Hammadi Codices he explains it as an out of body type of experience.

Today if a person dies for others, he is considered a Hero. We all should be willing to give of our self for the greater good, the One. We must remember compassion and mercy for those still unaware of their true connection. We are all part of this grand design.

The Rainbow Body of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism (Dudjom Buddhist Association)


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