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'What JUST HAPPENED With The Euphrates River CHANGES EVERYTHING' Galactic Federation

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#galacticfederation#euphrates#euphratesdrying#galacticfederationoflight#galacticfederationofworlds#galacticfederationofplanets#ascension#awakening#channeling#channelinghigherguidance#spirituality#higherself In this channeled session, the Galactic Federation share with us information regarding the following: 1. What is the meaning behind the drying up of the Euphrates river? Will the prophecy written in the bible come to pass? 2. 5 ways of connecting with the higher self. I am also on Patreon, wherein I am putting all my censored sessions & transcripts: Get the paperback (book) version of the sessions: You can follow my second channel for extra content: You can follow me on Instagram, will follow you back: How I started channeling, My story: You can read, download for free the transcripts of channeling sessions by clicking here: Note: This video is for the following purpose: educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic content. Sending you love-light