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What’s Wrong With This Picture? A Message to ALL LightWorkers.

What’s wrong with this Picture? A Message to ALL LightWorkers.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I have been made aware of a disturbing interference by the Dark into the Lightworker communities. This is causing confusion with the newly awakened. We who have been doing this a while Know better than fall for separation propaganda, like petty reference to this Name or that Name of the Galactic Federation. When in the Higher Dimensions, we who have done this work, Know there is no such thing as individual Names in that Manner, beyond the 5th dimension. We as Humans in our Human Mind, Give Names to them. All beings in the higher dimensions refer to themselves in most cases, by a Collective Name Such as “RA” or “The Arcturians”, these are Collective Names only used for the benefit of Humans. In the higher dimension there is No separation within a Species, they all consider themselves One Unit and work together as such. This is common knowledge throughout the channeling and scripting professionals. The Ones putting division in this is obviously Dark Workers, trying to separate us. These beings are here, and if they are of the Higher realms of the 5th dimensions and beyond, Then They are here to help humanities ascension into the Light. If there is a Lower Vibrational Force out there, it is the Ones working in the Lightworker community’s, trying to cause intentional confusion and separation within the newly awakened. This is so ridiculous to those of us who have been here 10 to 12 years or more and see this all happening. Some out there are even saying that if you refer to “The One” you can’t be trusted? Again What’s Wrong with this Picture? “THE ONE” IS WHAT WE KNOW AS GOD/SOURCE/INFINITE/ The ALL! If you are following a community that is pushing that you not trust those who speak of “The One”, than you are following the DARK. Plain and simple. They are literally telling you not to trust the infinite Creator.

This is just another way to separate us. STOP and Wake up and see What is wrong with this picture. It is an obvious attempt by the Darkness to divide us farther. If you are falling for this deception, you need to wake-up NOW!! Your ascension is at stake here, we are in the final moments. This isn’t idea’s to be playing around with in these moments. or to be taken lightly.

What is The Collective Mind?

I know that for many the thought of a collective mind can be scary. We were all terrified to be simulated by the Borg in the 80s, resistance was futile. However, Within the Higher dimensions all beings have a Collective Mind with their own Species, Plus being able to telepathically communicate throughout all the dimensions with all the Other Beings. This is our Oneness with this Creation, We are part of a Universal Consciousness.

This thought can be very scary for those who Fear Others, or especially if you are not a Loving and kind human being. As we enter into the higher Light we will become telepathic and know our connection to Each Other in a Much Higher Since. If you are harboring bad thoughts about others, then this could be very concerning. We have been told by Channellers for years now that this would happen and this is what Higher Dimensions are like. So if you do not want to be a part of the “Human Collective”, then that will be a choice to stay within a 3D reality. However, this Earth is rising to a higher density so your choice of not ascending will take you elsewhere, to another planet of 3D density.

Many who follow my Work know I am very independent on my view point. I consider my self a Sovereign thinker, But That is because I do not follow “ANY” agenda that separates us as “One” humanity. Is it Wrong to Want True Unity on this Planet, with respect to all Cultures and people? According to the Dark pushers, Yes. Wake up and see what the dark is doing to us. Is it wrong to Love and want this Planet recognized as a Living breathing being, who is ascending herself into Higher Light? According to The Dark Pushers, Yes. They continue to push the narrative that She is just an Object to Rape and Plunder. If you back “ANY” Politics you back BIG CORP, BIG OIL, and BIG TECH, Which is all against this Earth, and the Divine Will of Her ascension.

Do you wish to be a Part of a Higher Dimensional Society that is of “ONE” Consciousness, Living in Harmony and Peace for eternity? That is where this Earth is Headed.

As a Lightworker, If you personally see others Pushing a separation agenda, then you need to call them out as Dark Workers. Anytime there is blatant separation attempts, The Dark is involved.

This is done Like Politics and Religion do by using them both as tools of separation and divide. The ones pushing these agendas in the Light Worker Communities, may even be someone you have followed for years, But, if they are trying to separate the Light worker communities in any of these manners, they are not true LIGHT workers anymore. Also, To not allow everyone their differences of opinion is stopping freedom of speech, and our freewill. So if you push that your followers only listen to certain outlets you are pushing a dark agenda, claiming you are the only ones with Truth. This is also the way they do it in their politics and their religions. This is False in itself in the True LightWorker perspective. They are not practicing what they are preaching. They are telling everyone to fight for their Rights of freewill, but then tell them to only follow certain outlets for this reason or that reason. Again, Whats wrong with this Picture? We personally can have our own discernment. We do not need someone to tell us who or what to believe.

All who consider themselves true Lightworkers, are finding it hard to share their Truth, due to all the lies and deception that has taken over the Light Worker communities. To see the truth you must step out of the illusions of the 3D reality. The illusion that you are separate from your Creator, and the Illusion that you are separate from Me. or your Neighbor, or the person on the other side of the World. We are connected by the Spirit of “The ONE”, and if that scares you, then you are not of the Light. Those who are here now, within this 4TH dimension can go either way. Those who choose to continue to separate themselves through Fear and their politics and religious propaganda, and false Light claims, will Not be making this ascension. In Fact many will be descending into the Lower 4th dimension, which is under Reptilian Control.

As we who choose the Path of Light ascends into a Higher Consciousness, We will begin to have what to many is considered, Super Human abilities. This will include Telepathy and the ability to communicate directly with our Higher Dimensional Guides and Angels. We will know and Understand our Connection as The Human Species, and also understand our connection to this Planet. We will have the knowing that we are Not something separate from “The One.” The One which is infinite consciousness that is within all things. "The One," we know as GOD.

and so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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