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What You Believe, Really Matters, in This Ascension

Beautiful Day Dear Family of Light,

There is a lot happening behind the scenes, but it's not what most think it is. The Dark has had a deep hold on humanity and they do not want to let go of control. At every angle the Dark is being blocked, leaving many in question of what is actually occurring. Things that they had expected to happen hasn't occurred and other things has, that was unexpected. The Light has the reigns no matter what you are being told from your social networks, a lot of Fear is being pushed. Most don't know that The Dark has already Lost, And there is nothing to worry about.

Every one needs to do themselves a big favor and do a real "Fact Check" on what they believe. Not everything coming out is truth, so if you are believing the Lies that is being pushed then you are no different then those who are totally asleep. In FACT, you are worse if you are pushing a False or Fake Narrative, because it is misleading others. The darkness runs deep and if you are just skimming the surface for truth, you will miss it. All stuff coming from the Government side of things is false information. Both sides, right and left, are pushing false information to discredit each other. Most of the Stuff coming out is political propaganda just to switch it up and confuse the real truth. The Real Truth is being shown but most won't believe it because it goes against what they are being TOLD is truth by there chosen media. What is really sad is that there are many people who claim to be LIGHTWORKERS, who are also caught up in the POLITICAL GAME, not realizing it was created to stop their ascension. Focusing your energies on a false Truth, does not help you, it hinders your spiritual growth.

ANY BELIEFS can hinder your spiritual growth, if that Belief makes you less than what you truly are. Following a "political point of view" who is caught up in OLD beliefs systems hinders your spiritual growth. So Yes, even the bible hinders your spiritual growth, because it says you are less than what you are, and it has you following an ancient control system, that was set-up by the controllers in early times to enslave you in their lies. It sickens me to think, that many of the lightworkers out there, are still focusing on a book that literally belittles women and people of color as property. It is sad that this book has caused so much damage for generations, and still does. This is a very Low vibrational OLD system that is pretending to be Light in these moments. This is a False light that has been Pushed by the Dark for 2000 years to keep humanity from knowing the truth of who they are. The Dark controls both sides of this so called "good" and "evil" narrative that is played out. The Dark controls Both the Churches and the Covens. If you are still lost in this narrative then you are not on the path of this ascension. You must know your real truth. YOU must do the inner work for yourself and not expect someone else to save you from your own evil ways. YOU must change your own ways and actually begin being "LIKE CHRIST" instead of waiting for a savior. That is what the word "Christian" really means, to be "LIKE" Christ... so even those who claim the false religion as truth, can't even become what they claim themselves to be, because they are looking for someone else, to do it for them.

This is what I am talking about, if the False Light is being Pushed on one side of the Political Ticket, and TRUE Evil is being pushed on the Other, Why are you following Either side?

Just because one might be better on the surface than the other, Doesn't make it better, doesn't mean its Truth, and it doesn't make it "right". It is still the "Dark" trying to Control you one way or another. You are so much more than this, You as a Child of the Infinite Creator are more than you can ever imagine yourself to be. This stage show that the dark is using to lower your vibrations into Fear and Separation, is to stop you from achieving your greatness. The dark want you as their slave for an eternity. If you continue down the path of Fear and Separation you will achieve their goal. Its hard to step out of a belief system that has controlled you life after life. Its hard to see real truth with bible blinders on your eyes. To move forward into the higher "awareness", we must become "AWARE" of our Truth. The truth IS that ALL things with consciousness is a piece of the Infinite Creator, most know as God. NO One is left behind, NO one is Loved More by God than another, All are "The CHOSEN Ones" and ALL are equal within the Creator. ALL is within the Almighty, and the Almighty is within ALL.

When you wake -up to this truth, you can not even look at the fake Light any more, you see it as the darkness it really is. You no longer see it as Light because you know your truth. You know that you are more than the fake religion ever taught that you are. WOMAN, YOU are more than just property of a man, YOU are the GREAT SPIRIT in form. You are the MOTHER of Humanity... MAN you are the Other half of WOman, so LOVE HER and PROTECT HER. WITHOUT HER, YOU DO NOT EXIST.

People of all nationalities, YOU ARE ALL GOD, IN MANY FORMS.

Step Through the Veil and See your Truth. What you focus your Energy towards, and What you Believe, Really matters, in this Ascension.

In so much Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio.



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