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Without You, Creation is Not Complete - Stepping Out of the False Light Into Your Truth

Everything that is going on right now seems to be ramping up for some kind of massive explosion of energy. I am seeing it as though it's the finale, Like fireworks, or the final curtain. The Vibration is changing so much faster than before, forcing all that does not resonate with the same frequency to be removed. Many are still caught up in the 3D dramas playing out on the world stage. Through chaos, separation, and constant Rumors of Wars, the Dark keep most of humanity in a dim light. When you give your energy to the "Darks Plan" Whether that's the "SHOT", the game of Politics, or separating yourself through race, or religion, You allow them to manipulate your way of thinking and being. When you do not allow their multi-sided propaganda to sway your emotions, you can then "see" the true darkness at work on all sides of the matrix control system.

When we choose to step out of the darkness into the Light, we choose to no longer be under the manipulation of the Dark. This means to not allow the Negative media to affect our emotions. The more you allow yourself to be pulled under by those who continue to push Fear and the False Light agenda, you literally dim your own light. The "False Light" is a very sensitive subject due to many still believing that it is the "Real" Light and truth, but It is really the Opposite of Light. The False Light narrative, is literally darkness portraying itself as the Light and as something good. Throughout the ages, the dark has manipulated everything to stop us from ever knowing our truth, they have always been in control. So, they are the ones who have always controlled the religions and education, Literally writing what they want us to believe in our history, even creating a vengeful, hateful, jealous, destructive, murderous god to help them keep control of humanity.

This has made it to where the only place to find real truth is within our own heart. I learned as a very young child, that I could not give my heart to a god that put one race of people above another, who tried to make a man kill his own son to prove his obedience or who forced people to fear him. Yeah, they tell you their god Loves you and in the next sentence your going to Burn for eternity if you don't OBEY. These are just a few of the things that turned me away from the False Light religion that had been created. I knew that I did not even want to be here if that is what god really was. Where was the Love that I knew God to be in my heart. It wasn't in the "Book" that they gave us, That's for sure. You see, they have to tell us the partial truth for their plans to work, The Bible says in the end times that there will be false prophets confusing you of the truth, But it doesn't tell you that those false prophets will be in the Church's themselves.

This Dark doctrine has been embedded deeply in the minds of most humans going back many generations. To move forward into the higher Light, all things of the Dark must be released, this includes all old belief systems, that hold you back from knowing your real truth. So many of us have had beliefs that have been instilled so deep that we didn't even realize it. The lower feelings of Unworthiness, guilt, hate, and Fear all stem from false Light religious beliefs. This is the way of life for many, they have never known the God Within. They have never Known their real connection to the Creator of All.

I knew that the God that I felt in my heart Was Pure Unconditional Love. It wasn't some grey bearded old man sitting on a cloud somewhere counting my sins. I knew My God as Omnipresent.

But what does that really mean? It means that If God is Everywhere within and without, then I too must be a "Part" or "Piece" of the All Mighty. So, this makes "Me" One with the All. Once I came to this realization, I am able to distinguish between the false light narrative and the True Light. When you have nothing blocking your eyes you can see the truth. You too are Part of the Great All Mighty. You are "Worthy" of the Love of God, because it is You. Everything in existence is part of the grand consciousness that is in all things. The Rock, the Flower, the Tree, the bird, the Deer, the dog, the cat, the Human, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, all are the SAME ENERGY IN DIFFERENT FORMS, and All have the One Consciousness that is GOD. You are so much bigger and more powerful than you ever imagined yourself to be. You are Literally One with all of creation. Your vibration is sending out waves of energy to creation and Creation intern sends the waves back to you in forms of experience. By being mindful of our intentions we can then create the reality we wish through this magnificent power of God.

Humanity is breaking free from the darkness that has held us back for thousands of years. It's time to awaken to the real truth of who you really are. You are a Part of this Grand Creation that is God. You are One with the All. You are an eternal being. Without you, Creation is Not Complete.

In so Much Love and Light.

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio