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Wonderland, Levels of Awakening, Illusion vs. Truth

By Jessica Delmar

Recognizing Truth vs. Illusion in the Head Mind, Heart Mind, and Gut Mind. A quick roadmap to understanding how to navigate truth vs. illusion in the physical is this: Know thy enemy, for knowing who you are against opens you to knowing who you are for. But, knowing who you are for, you know that truth is not found in who you are for, but rather the feeling of what it stands for, not the physical representation of what it is. Your gut must open. We will provide a powerful mantra intention to help the heart, head and gut to open, reveal truth, and awaken inner empowerment. This will help heal all three minds, set all three minds free of physical attachments, and open higher frequency in the body to dissolve any lower vibrational energy that does not serve. “Today, I energetically open love, wisdom and truth for myself and others. I am a visionary who embraces life to the fullest and who decides my own fate as a powerful creator being. I am a seeker of truth and open truth within others. I am the beating heart of Source, vibrating in freedom, and know no form of limitation. And so it is.” LINKS: ‘3 Minds’ Full Series — ✻~~✻ JOIN THE ‘ONENESS’ ONLINE COMMUNITY | Soul Group Support + Connection, Active Meditations, Written Transmissions ✻~~✻ DONATE + SUPPORT: A HUGE THANK YOU!!


Welcome to Universal Lighthouse.

We Are Shining Light on the ALL, That is ONE...

We are dedicated to enlightening this Earth with Truth, Knowledge, and Love. You will enjoy: Research and study from Universal Lighthouse including But not limited to, Ancient Text, paranormal and supernatural exploration, Metaphysical Theology, and Spiritual Awareness. You will also enjoy: Adventuring into the Unknown, Full Disclosure, UFO/UAP Phenomenon, Forbidden Archeology, New & Ancient Technology, Quantum Exploration, New Discoveries, Our Creative Nature, The Brilliance of The Universe and Much More. Universal Lighthouse offers our own Writings Plus, other information that is found throughout the Internet, We do try and find the original source for this information. However, the opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily the beliefs of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all the information given. We offer this information free for Research and Study Purposes. Not all information may be a current event but is to be used as a Library of information. It is our goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through knowledge, truth, and love. We are shining Light on the ALL that is One.

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Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Healing is an Alternative and Complementary health care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Offering Remote/Distant Healing using Ancient Egyptian Clearing, Chakra Color and Frequency Balance & Therapy, Chakra Crystal Healing, Metaphysical Practices, Soul Awakening Techniques & Meditations, Usui Reiki, and Quantum Energy Work.

All sessions are Donation Based no matter what kind of Energy work being performed. We look at this as an energy exchange for our Services.

This is a "Pay what you Like" Service.(That also means that this service is free to those who wish for the healing and can not afford to pay anything. However, we do ask that you pay it forward in exchange, by Submitting a Testimonial or by sharing our services with others.

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