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Working with Universal Energies (The LIGHT) and Raising Your Vibration

The entire physical universe is made up of pure Light Energy and vibration. ... Light is Energy and when vibrated creates matter.

When you have the insight to see everything as Light and vibration, the true nature of the universe is revealed to you.

Colors are Vibrating Light. The entire electromagnetic wave spectrum of visible light produces different colors. Colors are simply Light waves vibrating at different frequencies. On one end of the spectrum you have red, on the other end you have violet. Red has the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency, violet has the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency.

This is also what the Chakra body is. It is the light of the Human soul, it is the soul body (Light Body).

Simply stated, light is nature's way of transferring energy through space. We can complicate it by talking about interacting electric and magnetic fields, quantum mechanics, and all of that, but just remember--light is energy.

Once you are aware of this principle and always think in terms of Light and vibration, you can understand practically everything that happens in the physical world. This is one of the governing dynamics that allows you to make sense of everything.

Having this awareness is like seeing the Universe in light code, like the movie “The Matrix”.

What happens when we begin viewing our reality in this manner?

We begin to see the total connection of everything... All things are made of Light, just vibrating at different speeds. If we can equal the vibration speed of the desired frequency we wish to be, We begin creating the world we wish to live in. This is also a Quantum theory explanation for what some refer to as the Mandela effect (Jumping into a different Time line that match’s your personal vibration.)

How do we raise our Frequency/Vibration?

Here are 10 ways to raise your vibration.


 Control your Emotions-

Become conscious of your thoughts, words, and actions. Everything you think, say, feel or do, becomes your reality. So by having lower emotions such as anger, jealousy or guilt, you are vibrating at a very low frequency.


Go Outside-

Nature is vibrating at the earth’s frequency which lately is on the rise. What used to be 7.83 hertz is now reaching up to 89.00 hertz in just the last few months. This raise in the earth’s Frequency (Heartbeat) is happening because of the earth entering a higher vibrational area of space called the Photon belt.


Be creative-

We are co-creator’s within this Universe. We Create Many things besides creating our own world such as Art, Music, Writing, and the inventing of new technology. This is our nature, this is what we do. While we are creating we are connected directly with source, Universal Energy, or what many call GOD.


Focus on where you put your Energy-

Everything we do in life has energy behind it, our daily activities, our Job, our time, our money, This is all energy that we are putting out to this universe. So Try and focus these energies toward the highest possible outcome.